Basketball Court Flooring Surrey Hills

Basketball Court Flooring Surrey Hills

For quality basketball court flooring solutions in Surrey Hills and surrounds, choose Cornerstone Courts! We are the preferred provider of custom basketball courts by countless basketball enthusiasts and casual players. Whether you are training to improve your game or just shooting around with friends, our basketball court flooring is a safe and affordable option to level up your game and have fun with your friends and family. We have a variety of colours available for our basketball court flooring in Surrey Hills, and we even accept OEM colour customisation if you can’t find the colours you want. Our DIY package can readily and easily be installed in your area of choice.

What makes our basketball court flooring in Surrey Hills the choice of countless basketball enthusiasts? Affordability! It’s what differentiates Cornerstone Courts from the rest of the competition. The cost of our basketball court solutions are the best in the market. Just check out our court flooring packages. Price starts from $49 per m2 as compared to our competitors who are charging $66 upwards per m2 for using the same materials. The bottom line here is that you don’t have to pay more when you can have the same quality at a lower price!

Standard & Premium Tiles

Whether you are going to choose standard or premium basketball court flooring in Surrey Hills, Cornerstone Courts has got you covered, from 16 tile colour choices in standard, premium and FIBA approved tiles! Our standard tiles work best for younger kids under age 16 and budget-conscious families. For more extensive use such as pickup games and scrimmage, we encourage the premium tiles due to their shock-absorbing property which are better for older, more experienced players.

Court Construction and Installation

You can choose Cornerstone Courts to build or construct your court from the ground up! Our experience in the property business has equipped us with all the knowledge and skills needed to construct a basketball court, including any netting or fencing at a very affordable price. Speak to us about your backyard or drive way and we can work with your on the best court flooring solution, concrete slab construction, hoop installation and any other site works to create the basketball court you want.

About Cornerstone Courts

Cornerstone Courts is a division of the Cornerstone Property Group and our answer to the growing demand for customised courts. Our differentiator? The price! As a property business, Cornerstone has margins and overheads that are lower, allowing its brand Cornerstone Courts to offer products and services at prices much lower than the competition. We really feel that these courts and basketball hoops should be affordable for all families, kids and sports enthusiasts, plus they are a pretty cool addition to your property.

Our in-house team works collaboratively to ensure your vision is captured and delivered. Our experts are always on hand, adding value throughout the process with their experience, education, and knowledge that ensures your custom court vision become a reality. We provide you with a full project-managed solution so you don’t need to worry about a thing! That’s why Cornerstone Courts is fast becoming the court solution of choice in Surrey Hills and surrounds. We take care of everything from product selections to after-sales support so you can play ball anytime you want to.


  • Contact Us

    Call, send an email or submit and inquiry on your requirements.  This can be anything from blank tiles to install yourself, to a fully customised court to a court and hoop!

  • Phone Consult

    A member of our team will call to discuss your request in more detail and confirm pricing.  If your inquiry is complex (we have to build the slab etc) we may have to arrange a site visit (a pricing estimate can be provided without a site visit)

  • Design

    Once your size, colour scheme and layout is decided our team will put together the plan for your viewing and approval.  This gives you a great visual representation of what your court will look like!

  • Approval & Payment

    Once approved we require a 50% deposit (for supply & install packages, 100% payment upfront for DIY packages) to put your court into production (please note once this is paid there can be no changes and this is non-refundable as every court is 100% customised).  7 days before install we require a further 40% and the final 10% on completion of the install.  From sign off to delivery takes approx 4-5 weeks depending on shipping/freight times

  • Collection/Install

    As soon as your court arrives at our Port Melbourne warehouse one of our team will call you to arrange collection (Mon-Fri 7.30AM to 5PM) or schedule installation

  • Install

    Our Team will install your court!  Depending on the size of the court this takes between a few hours and a day.  If we are supplying and or installing a hoop this will be done at the same time

  • Time to Hoop

    Enjoy your amazing new court

Competitor Pricing Case Study

The below real example of a competitors quote with almost identical court tiles to our standard range

For the same court our price would be $2,142.29 saving you $1742.88 (tile component only)  pick up from our Port Melbourne warehouse, or for a similar price to that below we can freight direct to your door, you decide.

Install for our courts is a flat $15 per m2 for metro Melbourne (up to 30 mins travel time based on peak travel times) meaning this court install would set you back only $544.65 saving you another $254.35!  Install outside of the areas can be arranged and priced per inquiry.



We are proud distributors of Powerdunk systems.  We can offer other sizes including wall mount as well as listed below.  Please contact us for pricing on other models

Professional In ground

  • Beast Elite 72 Tempered Glass
  • $3999.00
  • 72×42 inch backboard
  • Fully adjustable (7.5-10ft)
  • Pole padding included
  • Lifetime warranty!

Premium In ground

  • Beast 72 Tempered Glass
  • $1999.00
  • 72×42 inch backboard
  • Fully adjustable (7.5-10ft)
  • Pole padding included
  • Powder coated steel structure

Standard In ground

  • Beast 60 Tempered Glass
  • $1550.00
  • 60×35 inch backboard
  • Fully adjustable (7.5-10ft)
  • Pole padding available is extra
  • Powder coated steel structure

Premium Portable

  • Extreme 60 Tempered Glass
  • $1299.00
  • 60×35 inch backboard
  • Fully adjustable (7.5-10ft)
  • Pole padding included
  • Powder coated steel structure

Standard Portable

  • Extreme 54 Tempered Glass
  • $1099.00
  • 54×33 inch backboard
  • Fully adjustable (7.5-10ft)
  • Pole padding included
  • Powder coated steel structure

Budget Portable

  • Pro 54 Acrylic
  • $699.00
  • 54×33 inch backboard
  • Fully adjustable (7.5-10ft)
  • Pole padding included
  • Powder coated steel structure

Powerdunk In Ground Hoop Full Specs

Beast 72 Tempered Glass

Beast 60 Tempered Glass

Powerdunk Portable Hoop Full Specs

Extreme 60 Portable Tempered Glass

Extreme 54 Portable Tempered Glass

Pro 54 Portable Acrylic


1.  Do you Install the court tiles?

Yes we sure do, a flat $15/m2 for install for smaller courts, pricing is cheaper for larger courts, refer to our pricing section

2.  Do you Install the Hoops?

Of course, refer to our Install and pricing section for the in ground hoops.  If you are purchasing a portable hoop in addition to a court we can also assemble this for you, simply ask us for a price.

3.   What type of surface do I need?

Preferable a concrete slab/base is the best, however asphalt will also suffice.   If you have an old tennis court that is in good nick that could also work.  These systems are not suitable to put on grass, crushed rock or anything else.

4.  Does Cornerstone Courts provide a slab?

Yes of course we can arrange this, being a property group this is easy!  Would would need to arrange a site visit as there are a number of factors at play.  Typically a 100mm slab with SL72 mesh would be suffice

5.  What is the warranty on the court tiles & Hoops?

  • 8 years for the tiles
  • 12 months for hoops
  • 12 months for logos and lines (discretion can be used an easily touched up)
  • 6 years in ground hoop installation

6.  What happens if I break or damage a tile?

Every order we fulfil always comes with a few spare tiles for this very need!  If there is more damaged or required we are also receiving orders from our supplier so replacements are no issues

7.  Can I view the products?

We have a court & hoop set up in our Port Melbourne warehouse you can demo the surface (bookings required) and we can also arrange sample tiles to view

8.    Is there any maintenance required?

No, all you need to do is sweep or hose any dirt, leaves and debris away and the unique drainage system will take care of the water.  The lines and markings will fade over time and may need repainting.

9.  Can you provide netting and landscaping?

Yes, we can provide a total packaged solution for you

10.  What tools do I need if I am installing my own tiles?

You can get away without any tools (using your foot to lock the tiles in works well!) however we do recommend using a rubber mallet.  You can pick one up at bunnings for $5 if you don’t have one

We do recommend pinning (anchoring) the court down with some Ramset Shure drive anchors (Nailed into the concrete) if your tiles are installed on a smooth surface as it will move around a little with play.  As the tiles are essentially plastic they will also expand on contract with the weather, this is normal.

11.  The perimeter gaps between my court and my edge of slab or building keep changing, is this normal?

Yes, as the tiles are essentially plastic they expand and contract (heat & cool) with the weather and thus you will notice some differences.  Unless the slab has been prepared for the exact court size we also leave a slight buffer around the perimeter.

12.  My court moves when being used?

This is quite normal as it is not fixed to the slab at all.  If this is annoying or you want to lock it down we would recommend using some Ramset Shure Drive anchors to fasten the tiles to the slab.  We would only recommend doing this on one edge (the baseline edge)

13.  If I buy a 2nd court for my friend or family can we get it cheaper?

Unfortunately not, as we have a price beat and our prices are low our price is our price.  We work of small margins and keep prices low so all families can afford a court!

Custom Court Pricing

Size examples based on up to 3 standard colours, line makings and 1 single colour logo (all prices based on standard tile and pick up from Port Melbourne)

Our simple pricing model makes it easy for you to calculate.  Simply work out your m2 and multiple by $59.00 for a custom court and add $15/m2 for install if you need us to do it.  These prices are a guide only and not exact, for exact pricing please contact us.

Small shout around (reduced width key and regulation foul line)

  • 4x6m – 24m2
  • $1416.00 standard tile
  • $1656.00 premium tile
  • Install $360.00

Straight & Narrow (will give you the key, plus foul and straight three point line)

  • 8x5m – 40m2
  • $2360.00 standard tile
  • $2,760.00 premium tile
  • Install $600.00

Big Boy Range (will give you the key, plus foul and straight and elbow three point line)

  • 9x10m – 90m2
  • $5310.00 standard tile
  • $6,210.00 premium tile
  • Install $1350.00

3 on 3  (A decent size for a scrimmage)

  • 15x11m – 165m2
  • $9,735.50.00 standard tile
  • $11,385.00 premium tile
  • Install $2,475.00

The Lebron James (Half Court)

  • 14x15m – 210m2
  • $12,705.00 standard tile
  • $14,490.00 premium tile
  • Install $2,640.00

The Michael Jordan (Full Court)

  • 28x15m – 420m2
  • $25,410.00 standard tile
  • $29,980.00 premium tile
  • Install $3,960.00

Court Installation Info & Pricing

The court tiles are designed to be easy to install by one person

The system includes a plurality of interconnected floor sections. Each floor section includes a wear layer, an upper subfloor panel, a lower subfloor panel and a plurality of parallel spacers sandwiched between the upper and lower subfloor panels. The parallel spacers extend into the recesses of adjacently located floor sections, alongside the corresponding spacers of those floor sections, along the longitudinal sides. At the transverse sides, each section has a spacer that extends into an adjacently located section in the same row and also receives a spacer from an adjacently located section in the same row. The sections have hardware connections that are concealed from view, and connecting each subsequent section will be quite easy

Our install pricing is a standard $15/m2 for metro Melbourne (up to 30 mins travel time based on peak travel times) for all courts up to approx. 165m2 (the 3 on 3 court), then a reduced price for half and full courts

Follow the below tips for your DIY Install;

  • Use your approved mock up diagram as the basis for your install (tiles are not numbered or ordered at all)
  • Start by removing all the tiles from the packaging and assorting or laying the tiles out flat into colours, line markings etc (kind of like doing a jigsaw puzzle)
  • Remember to leave at least 50mm gap from your edges so that the border tiles can be installed last
  • Start with the outer (end) pieces of the court (just like a jigsaw) and then work your way in once the perimeter is done
  • Simply clip the tiles in together (interlocking system and can only go one way) and tap with a mallet to complete the interlocking
  • If you need to take a tile/s up simply bend them in a convex way and they will unclip easily
  • It’s important to get the perimeter right first as once the floor is all locked together it can be tough to move
  • Tiles simply clip together, we recommend using a rubber mallet to clip them in
  • Ones all tiles have been laid (before the border/edge tiles) you can choose whether to anchor the floor to the slab to prevent movement or leave it as floating.  Generally you only need to use anchors if the slab or surface is smooth.  If you have a broom finished slab or even painted slab this isn’t necessary.  Simply hammer in some Ramset Shure Drive Anchors along the baseline edge (do not do on multiple edges! the the holes in the interlocking tile ends
  • Install edge/border tiles last to complete

In Ground Hoop Installation Info & Pricing

We first preface this by saying unless you are a capable DIYer or have someone that is, or a tradie we don’t recommend doing this yourself.  Incorrect installation of Basketball Hoops has taken many children’s lives and it’s not something a “She’ll be right attitude’ can be applied to!  At some point in time the kids will lower the hoop and start dunk contests with their friends so the correct installation is vital!

If you are going to do this yourself please see below our minimum recommendations;

If you would like the professionals (us) to install it with a 6 year warranty on the install (you have made a good decision!) then this will set you back around $2300.00.  This includes preparing/digging the footing, leaving to cure and then assembling and installing your hoop.  This is based on metro Melbourne (standard 30 mins travel time) and level easy site access (wheel barrow access to hoop location)  For more complex installs these can be priced on application


Court Sizes and Distances

There are a few different measurements based on NBA, NBL/FIBA and NCAA.  Below are the NBL/FIBA measurements

Shipping & Delivery

We can deliver all over Australia.  As prices fluctuate regularly if shipping is required we will price this at the time of your inquiry.

Below is a rough guide based on a 40m2 court;

Melbourne Metro $150

Victoria Regional $220

Sydney Metro $150

NSW Regional $250

Brisbane Metro $250

QLD Regional $380

Tasmania $380