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Waterproofing failure or absence of waterproofing is the main cause of 95% of balcony leaks. At Cornerstone Property Group we provide peace of mind with a 7-year Guarantee on our waterproofing and over 30 years combined experience in leaking balcony repairs.

Cornerstone Property Group focuses on long-term solutions when it comes to balcony repairs. Balcony renovation (balcony renewal) involves stripping out the existing balcony and rebuilding it to Australian Standards. We will always highly recommend an independent leak detection from qualified and reputable companies. They specialise in clearly identifying the cause of leaks so that we can address and fix the source of the problem. Although we can complete a renewal without one, it’s like buying a house without getting a building inspection first. Balconies can leak due to deterioration from age and weather, inadequate drainage and plumbing, faulty design, water ingress points, lack of waterproofing or insufficient maintenance. Identifying the cause or causes of balcony leaks is crucial to resolve the problem and prevent recurring leaks.

The Need for Balcony Maintenance

You might be surprised to learn that balconies require regular maintenance. After all, they are exposed to the elements. Check water is running to drainage points and is not pooling and clear any blockages. Regularly check tiles and grout for decay, efflorescence and damage. Timber or composite deck tiles and synthetic grass can trap moisture and dirt underneath and cause damage. Check balustrade fixings haven’t rusted and are secure. Regular balcony checks should be conducted annually to prolong the life and enjoyment of your balcony so you can reap the benefits of having one including:

For exercise. A balcony is your go-to place if you’re feeling too lazy to go to the gym. It’s perfect for calisthenics, yoga, aerobics, and other cardio activities. Plus, you get to enjoy the sunlight and feel refreshed afterwards.

For ambient lighting. Natural light coming from the balcony illuminates your interiors in a great way that encourages productivity and maintains that fresh feeling in your home.

For work. Working from home has never been more encouraging, thanks to your balcony. You can set up a table on the balcony, with hot coffee or tea, and work away to meet your deadlines while taking advantage of your natural surroundings.

Of course, your balcony can also be a place for you and your friends to party! The benefits of having one in your home mean you really must pay attention to any repairs your balcony needs. Cornerstone Property Group is just a call away to help you with any balcony repairs in Windsor.

Benefits of Using Cornerstone Property Group

  • Certified Waterproofing to Australian Standards
  • Repairs to resultant damaged areas (ceiling below, walls etc)
  • Servicing apartments, homes & townhouses; concrete or timber subfloors
  • Quality and trusted slip rated Tiles, Glues, Grouts and Sealants
  • Modern Decking options – composite or natural
  • Traditional tiled balconies or Pod systems

Our Key considerations for balcony repairs:

  • Cause identification – deterioration, inadequate drainage, water ingress or lack of waterproofing
  • Plan of Action – Replace or Repair
  • Waterproof Membrane to Australian Standard
  • Slip Rated Porcelain tile or suitable decking replacement
  • Identification of any subsequent repairs from damaged balcony

For reliable balcony repairs Windsor property owners trust, Cornerstone Property Group is just a call away!


How much does a leaking balcony cost to fix?

If your balcony is leaking to a room downstairs or even worse a neighbour, the most likely cause is failure of the waterproofing membrane (or in cases the absence altogether). If you’re lucky, it could be something else however this is very unlikely.

The very first step is to arrange a specialist leak detection company to ascertain what the cause is and verify it. Do not engage a plumber to do this unless they are specialist leak detectors as they are not specialists in this area. We can recommend a few leak detection companies who are great at what they do and provide comprehensive detailed reports. A few hundred dollars for a leak detection can save you thousands. You don’t want to complete a full balcony renewal when you don’t need to.

Once the leak detection report confirms waterproofing failure you have a few options. At Cornerstone Property Group we only recommend and conduct full balcony renewals to ensure the issue won’t happen again and the job is done properly. We don’t do patch or repair jobs as these never address the root cause and can lead to bigger problems down the track.

Option 1 – Full renewal of balcony (recommended) from $15,000 for a small balcony

This involves removing all the tiles and waterproofing back to the concrete slab or in the case of timber sub-floors the flooring right back to the timber floor joists. The area is then re-sheeted in external grade sheet flooring, waterproofed in accordance with AS4654, tiled and grouted (we always recommend epoxy grout for added waterproofing). If it is on a slab the slab is prepared and then waterproofed in accordance with AS4654, screeded (to generate the required drainage falls) and then waterproofed again in accordance with AS4654, tiled and grouted.

Option 2 – Epoxy Grout

Sometimes if the grout has decayed (common issue as budlings move and grout is cement based) this lets water in under the tiles and thus leaking below. But remember and be aware! The job of your waterproofing membrane is to stop the above, so if someone says the leak is because of the grout decay they are correct to a degree and you should ask “but if that is the case shouldn’t the waterproofing membrane prevent the water from leaking below” as the answer is YES! You can remove the grout and then re-grout the balcony with an Epoxy grout (a lot of companies will recommend this, you may have heard some on the radio or TV, we DON’T). Epoxy grout is an impermeable product and is waterproof in itself (won’t stain, discolour and let any water in and is also elastic meaning it can withstand some building movement whereas normal cementitious grout can’t). The major reason why we don’t recommend this is because it’s not addressing the root cause (that the membrane has still failed) and you can’t possibly dry out the sub-floor of water, so what is happening in your ceiling? This is going to decay timber members rotting them until you have structural problems (big cost). Your plaster ceiling is going to go mouldy, need replacing and create Health hazards!

The above is why we don’t recommend this. We understand some customers can’t afford to do a full renewal right now and this should only be used as a short-term fix until you can afford to do it properly.

The above will set you back anywhere from $2,500+.

Option 3 – UV Resistant Membrane

Similarly to the above and only for a temporary fix until the job can be done properly, an expert can prepare and waterproof over the top of the existing tiles to prevent further leaks. This would be slightly cheaper than the epoxy option however it will look ugly and it is not recommended to put furniture on it, foot traffic will be fine.